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Fundamentals of Radio Spectrum Management
Autor: Petr Ondráček
This teaching material deals with the issues associated with radio spectrum management. Radio spectrum is a scarce, limited, and renewable natural resource. Its utilization is essential for the development of wireless communication technologies on the Earth and in outer space. The radio spectrum has its economic value and is a commodity traded on the telecommunications market. Therefore, the level of its management affects the competitiveness and economic performance of each country's economy. Methods of regulating and using radio spectrum also have a significant share in the economic, social, and cultural levels of society. Therefore, the regulation and the management of radio spectrum is synergistically linked to the policy and strategy of the development of information society in every country. Due to the physical characteristics of electromagnetic wave propagation, national borders cannot be strictly kept; radio spectrum management requires a global or regional approach. The importance of modern radio spectrum management towards efficient use is growing with current and future needs for high-speed wireless infrastructure and services. Examples include 5G mobile networks, the introduction of robotization contained in the Industry 4.0 concept, the support for the development of Internet of Things, and various smart applications in conjunction with the use of artificial intelligence on the Earth and in outer space. The radio spectrum management is not possible without appropriately and comprehensively educated technical and humanities specialists who find employment in communications and information technology applications in various international organizations, government, research, manufacturing industry, and radiocommunication service providers. The present material is focused on providing basic orientation and necessary knowledge for orientation in a wide range of topics related to radio spectrum management and its utilization. Interpretation and its methods take into consideration teachers or students who are beginners in the study, or quick orientation is needed for their work. This is possible without further professional electrical engineering education. Therefore, this material would find its application in the teaching at technical high schools and it can be used to motivate high school students to further studies of technical, economic, and legal fields related to the management of radio spectrum.
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